360° Massage Gun
360° Massage Gun
360° Massage Gun
360° Massage Gun
360° Massage Gun
360° Massage Gun
360° Massage Gun
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360° Massage Gun

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Your personal physio and massage trainer, for people and horses!

The 360° Massage Gun was developed by Experts | developed and is a universally applicable massager .

Originally from physiotherapy, the

360° massage gun :

✅ Our massage gun is suitable for PEOPLE and HORSE

Reconstruction of damaged tissue

Release of tension and knots

Up to 40% faster regeneration after intense training

Targeted Trigger Point Massage

Promotion of blood circulation

Warm up before intense strength units -> squat, deadlift, etc.

The right attachment for your needs

The 360° massage gun is small & handy and can therefore be taken and used anywhere.

through the targeted thrusts become muscle tension solved and that tissue loosened up .

So can Muscle aches and tension permanently with just one hand be treated.

your advantages

  • Faster regeneration after intensive training
  • Relaxation of muscle tissue -> Ideal before training
  • Targeted impacts in the muscle tissue ensure better blood circulation
  • Promotes the healing/rebuilding process of damaged muscles
  • Prevents sore muscles

Powerful engine

The 360° massage gun has, thanks to its powerful engine, a 53% higher performance than comparable models and can be used for up to 5 hours when fully charged.

Our Pistol Massage Gun has a torque of approx. 3,200 beats/minute and can be used specifically on muscle tissue/fascia.

    Thanks to the 2,400mAh battery, the 360° Massage Gun a running time of approx. 5-6 hours.

    • Weight: about 1.5kg
    • 6 different heads for targeted therapy
    • More than 10,000 satisfied customers and sports teams
    • LCD touch screen

    How does the massage gun help me treat my horse's muscular problems?

    Cause of muscular problems in horses

    Almost every horse owner knows and fears muscular problems in horses . Especially with muscular ones neck and back problems every rider already had to fight. The cause for this is mostly overexertion, acute injuries or misalignments . As a result, muscle hardening and/or pain are often triggered in the back and neck area. As the owner, you can usually feel these hard structures under the skin of your horse. The painfully cramped muscles restrict the animal's mobility.

    In addition, there is an additional risk that your horse will protective posture takes to relieve the tense area and reduce pain. If the tension or hardening remains untreated, the constant one-sided strain can lead to permanent misalignments of the musculoskeletal system and chronic complaints.

    Signs of muscular problems in horses

    Due to the many dangers caused by muscular complaints, horse owners should regularly check their horse's back and neck area for tension and hardening. In addition, riders should watch out for signs of muscular problems. These include in particular Climb or buck while riding, Unwillingness to saddle up , flicking of the tail and head , unjustifiable Lameness and a lack of swinging with the back .

    Massage Gun for treating muscular problems in horses

    In the case of acute neck and back problems in horses, a Early treatment is always an advantage. The therapeutic measures depend on the severity of the symptoms present. While a sufficient rest phase is extremely important in the case of muscular pain and hardening, physical therapy measures can also be used as a supplement to accelerate regeneration. These measures include in particular Massages, water or heat treatment. The former can be made much more targeted and efficient with the massage gun.

    For the neck and shoulder muscles:

    For the extremities:

    For the back muscles:


    1. What are the benefits

    360° massage gun?

    Properly used supports the

    360 degree massage gun  the reconstruction of damaged muscle tissue after an injury, frozen shoulder,..., prevents muscle soreness, increases blood circulation, allows targeted massage points to be triggered and generally helps to achieve better performance. Targeted impacts on the muscle tissue stimulate blood circulation, which leads to better and faster regeneration.

    2. How will the

    360° Massage Gun used correctly?

    1. Select the desired attachment
    2. Turn on the main button at the bottom
    3. Set the desired speed
    4. Massage the muscles you want
    5. You can put a little more pressure on the desired/damaged area
    6. Result already from the first day

    3. Isn't it more practical to visit a physiotherapist?


    360 degree fitness massage gun mainly serves to regenerate muscle tissue and promote blood circulation. Even after seeing a physical therapist, they still need to take action on their own to see a longer-term result. That's why we've worked with physiotherapists to offer a powerful & fast way of muscle therapy.

    4. For who will use the 360° Massage Gun recommended?

    The 360° massage gun finds its origins in physiotherapy, but meanwhile enjoys a steady upward trend in hobby and professional sports. Thanks to its easy handling, it can be used effectively against muscle pain, neck and shoulder tension, back pain and to promote blood circulation.

    5. What happens if I'm still dissatisfied?

    Should you with the result of

    If you are not satisfied with your 360° Massage Gun , you can easily return it within 14 days.

    If you are not sure how or whether you are using it correctly, you can contact us at any time at info@360-grad-fitness.de and we will find a solution together.


    The Massage Gun must not be switched on during the charging process.

    Scope of delivery:

    - 1 x 360° massage gun

    - 6 different attachments

    - carrying case

    You need a massage gun that is more powerful and even more stylish? Then take a look at our 360° Massage Gun PRO !